Expansion + Revitalization

Adams Lake Indian Band


The Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) has significant population growth in the last two decades and since the existing Health Centre was completed. ALIB plan to expand its Health program to meet the growing needs of the members of the community by bringing in visiting professionals, therapists, and other specialists. With limited program spaces, the plan is to expand the current facility and provide service needs by 2020.

During consultations it was clearly defined that Health focus not only should be on physical illness and remedy, but also on spiritual and mental health. A holistic approach was needed to transform the facility from a clinic to a wellness centre.

The new expansion of the facility serves to create spaces that promote interactions between Health providers and patients, and help the state of self-determination in the community.

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  • Renewable Energy (Solar Panels)
  • Renewable Material (Wood)
  • High Efficient Building Envelope

    Adams Lake Indian Band


    Chase, BC

  • SIZE:

    5,600 sq.ft.


    Feasibility Study


    Unison Architecture Ltd.

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